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The 12 payment plan total is $1428. This is made over 12 equal payments of $119.00 deducted every month. By selecting this option you are committing to make 12 payments.

Remember, we have a 30 day refund period. If during the first 30 days you decide that Handling360 is not what you are looking for right now, we'll happily refund for you. We are confident that Handling360 is a superior online program, now it's up to you to see if it's a good fit for where you are in your agility journey.

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Join an amazing COMMUNITY of agility handlers & exponentially increase CONFIDENCE, bring out the best in YOUR DOG & achieve your GOALS, while having a huge amount of F-U-N!

Cutting Edge Agility Education Uses a STRATEGIC COMBINATION of Both Predictive Verbal & Effective Physical Cues To Give You Rapid Results

If Only Our Dogs Knew the Course Ahead of Time...

Imagine how your dogs would feel if someone could secretly program the course into their brain long before you stepped to the line? How much more confidently would they be able to predict... with 100% certainty, what obstacle you wanted next? How much faster would they be? How much more consistently successful would you be together and how much more FUN would agility become?

That is what it is like for your dog being cued with both effective physical cues and predictive verbal cues. That is what it is like when your dog is a HANDLING360 dog.

Your dog knows what is upcoming long before being asked to do something. Your dog becomes FASTER, more CONFIDENT, more SUCCESSFUL which makes agility far more FUN.

Are you giving your agility dog all of the information needed to successfully navigate around any course?

Predictive verbals cues, when used in combination with your effective physical cues, create the best opportunity for our dogs to know with great certainty where they are going next on any agility course.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said "Faster horses."

Henry Ford

Handling360's Unique Approach Creates an Accelerated Program of Learning that Protects Your Confidence Every Step of the Way

It's FUN! Your "lesson plans" are actually "game plans" that build confidence in you and your dog as they build understanding.

You will want to practice! Progress happens when you practice at home. When your lessons are games, you will WANT to practice!

The layers of games create unconscious learning... you progress often before you realize you have moved forward!

Failure and frustration are laughed at as a part of your "Games!". Your dog doesn't become deflated and neither do you!

You quickly see the improvements in your dog which inspires you to continue to put in more time "practicing" aka playing more games at home.

Handling360 Student Success Stories

You can gauge the success of any training program by the results the students get with what they’ve learned and applied. The success of Handling360 students speak for themselves.

Natalie Kirkwood

Feeling frustrated and helpless, Natalie needed new answers.

Shelly Diehl

Being told her dog was untrainable, Shelly refused to give up.

The Road to Agility Success Goes Through Your Backyard... Fun and Engaged Training, Makes Training at Home Become a "WANT"

Environmental stress is a leading cause of self doubt and failure in many classrooms today. Humans learn best where confidence and self worth can grow. Educating dogs is no different. Gone are the days of repetitive drills or endless hours of luring in the hopes that a dog will learn to love what he's doing. Science has filled in the blanks for us, Handling360 provides an ideal learning environment for both ends of the leash through:

  1. Engagement Strategy: A supportive online community increases the likelihood of a of daily training developing at home leading to long term success.
  2. Failing Safely: Training at home strips away the stress of having to perform in group setting prior to new skills becoming unconsciously learned by the dog or the handler.
  3. Framework to Learning & Success Strategy: People learn differently. An ideal education will include written, visual and auditory educational material.
  4. Strategic Games to Engage the Dog's Prey Drive: developing confidence between the layers of clarity and speed.
  5. Progress Tracking & Accountability: Having a program track your progress within each classroom increases the attractiveness of picking up your work where you left off, thus increasing the chance of you completing all modules of your learning.
  6. Follow Up Strategy: The most effective learning models have a way to routinely follow up with students providing the motivation and inspiration necessary to see the program through to the end.

Handling360 Delivers Results Through The Following 5 Classrooms

Prep School

Prep School





Triple Double

Triple Double



Prep School

1. Prep School & Success Paths

  • Here is where we "personalize" your training to create great focus for work in your dog.
  • Select one of our 5 success paths to tailor your Handling360 experience to your dog's needs.
  • No matter where you are starting from we have a success path for you. From brand new handler to world team competitor.
  • Human mechanics to bring fluidity and clarity to your moves.
  • Exciting games of arousal for your dog to plant the seeds of clear thinking while in drive

2. Flatwork

  • Here we "realize" the skills needed to grow as a handler with our 8 empowering Flatwork lessons.
  • Techniques to master drive, control and connection.
  • Exercises that can all be done in a small work area...even your living room!
  • Bring clarity to your dog and watch the complex become simple with our fun, game based approach.
  • The critical foundation layer of confidence and understanding that you PLAY your way through!

3. Blueprint

  • "Generalize" your flatwork skills over two agility obstacles... this is real handling.
  • Create magic by combining all the Flatwork skills with actual handling.
  • Accelerate your handling skills all while still in a small area using no more than a couple jumps or a tunnel!
  • Mechanics meet agility obstacles.
  • Rapid success through handling games both dog and handler LOVE!
  • After these 8 powerful lessons you and your dog will have all of the tools to handle agility challenges with ease!
Triple Double

4. Triple Double

  • "Maximize" your dog's speed and your ability to give handling cues at speed
  • The "Missing Link to Masters". Most agility classes miss this critical transition from short sequences to course work...we focus on it!
  • Unique Young Dog Training Formula - these 20 lessons plans created specifically to teach a young dog how to move and LISTEN at SPEED!
  • Hidden benefit of better jumping & turning skills while in drive!
  • Progressions to complete course work.
  • Elevate your dog's confidence and trust in you, as his handler, to an all time high!
  • Become confidently prepared to advance to the complexity of running ANY agility course!

5. Coursework

  • "Specialize" your handling skills as now you have the ability to run real world agility courses.
  • Watch your confidence skyrocket with our strategically planned progressions to handling.
  • Course walking strategies to simplify even the most complicated courses.
  • Clarity through side by side, and slow motion video analysis.
  • Decision making approaches to enhance your confidence and trust in both yourself and your dog!
  • Understanding that excites you to tackle any agility course.

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1: Quarterly Live Workshops with Susan

(Value: $400)

Two hours of dog training education with Susan and your Handling360 classmates. Ask Susan for clarification on any part of our Handling360 program. Ask your questions and Susan will demonstrate the answer with a dog to really drive your understanding home. A one hour lesson with Susan Garrett that would cost you $500 (if you could get one). This is 8 hours of her unparalleled dog training expertise helping you to succeed! A video re-play of each session is available for you at any time day or night. This is the most engaging, entertaining and educational 2 hours you will ever spend in dog training.

Bonus #2: Facebook Live Videos

(Value: $400)

Myself and our fantastic team of talented Handling360 instructors will be coaching you every step of the way in our private Facebook community, through our quarterly online workshops and with our V.I.P. members newsletters. This is the next best thing to having me arrive at your door every day at 5:00 AM to train with you... except it is even better because YOU pick the time that is best for you to do the training!

Bonus #3: Speed Evaluator

(Value: $100)

It's for anyone looking to evaluate and improve your dog's top speed in agility... no matter how fast he may already be today. Perhaps you're looking to squeeze out a few more tenths of a second around a turn or maybe you’re just frustrated with seeing your dog run faster chasing other dogs than he runs with you in agility. This bonus will give you a process for finding clarity so you can finally see your dog's TOP speed in agility on a consistent basis. You will get access to this program as soon as you complete your registration.

Bonus #4: Doggy A.D.D. Solution eBook

(Value: $50)

It’s our most popular eBook, a manual to transform your dog from Hyper-distracted to Ultra Focused. Are you finding it difficult to keep your dog’s attention around agility? Maybe he’s too ‘over-the-top” with excitement or too distracted by other things in his environment. In this advanced training you’re going to learn how to get and keep your dog’s focus around the agility ring so that all you’ll need to worry about is remembering the course…rather than having to keep an eye on your dog.

Bonus #5: Training In Small Spaces

(Value: $100)

In addition to the Speed Evaluator you’ll also get our Training-In-Small-Spaces Program. Have you ever wondered how you can get in your agility training session when you have no backyard or are visiting family in the City? In this short bonus program, we will show you step-by-step, how it’s done. After this, you’ll be immediately squeezing in EFFECTIVE training sessions no matter where you find yourself. This program will also be available to you once you complete your registration.

Bonus #6: "Momentum" Puppy Peaks Videos

(Value: $500)

When you join Handling360 this year...you also get all of the "Momentum" Puppy Peak videos. A full year of watching my puppy training...all at no extra charge.

If we sold this in the future we would sell them for at least $500.

There is no other way to join Puppy Peaks...this is it.

How cool is THAT...the "best of" Puppy Peaks videos for free included with your Handling360 membership. This really is the absolutely BEST time to join Handling360...no question about it…the lowest price we have ever offered and the biggest bonuses.

Bonus #7: Puppy Pyramid eBook

(Value: $100)

The Puppy Pyramid truly is something we can't put a price on, it has never been released outside of Puppy Peaks before and has never been sold. If we were to put a price on this resource it would be $50 in combination with our puppy videos. This is THE guide Susan has used to direct the training of every new puppy or rescue dog that has ever come into her home. It’s a roadmap to success. This is an invaluable resource to go along with all of the "Momentum" Puppy Peak videos, giving you the ultimate guide to puppy success. Not only will the Puppy Pyramid guide your present training, but it will guide your future training with any puppy you have.

Total Value for Handling360

5 Classrooms: $4000

5 Bonuses: $1650

Total Value: $5650

Until November 10th receive Handling360 for only
$997 USD

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We pride ourselves in creating a supportive, online community of like minded dog owners, joyfully working towards their goals. If at anytime within the first 30 days of Handling360 you feel our community cannot meet your needs . . . we will happily return the purchase price of the program to you . . . no questions asked.

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* Registration closes at midnight PST Thursday November 10th 2016.

The 12 payment plan total is $1428. This is made over 12 equal payments of $119.00 deducted every month. By selecting this option you are committing to make 12 payments.

Remember, we have a 30 day refund period. If during the first 30 days you decide that Handling360 is not what you are looking for right now, we'll happily refund for you. We are confident that Handling360 is a superior online program, now it's up to you to see if it's a good fit for where you are in your agility journey.

Why Dog Owners Love Us

Customer Happiness Team

Each member of our Customer Happiness team takes pride in exceeding your expectations because here at Say Yes, you are not a just a "client" you are family! Our goal of spreading reinforcement based training to dog owners world wide begins with you. We take pride in living a reinforcement based lifestyle with not only our dogs but each other and you!

Mobile Friendly

We encourage you to keep Handling360 close by while you train. That's why we made sure it looks fantastic on your phone or tablet as well as your computer.

online community

Supportive Online Community

An engaged and supportive community of like-minded, caring people—means working at home never means working alone. Connecting with other members of our community, interacting with our Handling360 coaches is just two more ways we help you continue to put check marks beside all of your handling goals.


Global Appeal

Science based dog training where the well being of the dog is put above any individual performance outcome goals. Students from more than 86 countries world wide have taken part in one or more of our online classes! With 102,565 FaceBook Followers, we take pride in actively enriching the lives of dogs lovers world wide!

Proven & Trusted Online Education

The same educator you have grown to rely on for your reinforcement based dog training education. Susan Garrett has a long track history of success. From her award winning books and DVDs to her many online programs.

Easy to Learn with Us

Access your education in two different formats; Video lessons that you can watch and re-watch as many times as you like and downloadable PDF Lesson Plans. Susan’s coaching is available to you 365 days a year 24/hours a day!


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Meet Susan Garrett; Dog Lover, Educator, Innovator

Susan Garrett's interest in animal behaviour started at the University of Guelph where she earned a Bachelor of Science. Since then she as developed into a pre-eminent canine sports instructor and competitor. Susan is one of the most successful agility competitors of the last two decades. She has accumulated a total of 38 National and World Championship wins covering 7 different jump heights (8", 10", 12", 16", 22", 24" & 26"). In total her dogs have more than 50 top ten placements at National Agility Championships, and have won Gold Medals at all three major World Championships; the FCI, the WAO and the IFCS events. The Dog Writers Association of America named Susan’s book "Shaping Success: as the 2005 "Dog Training and Behaviour Book of the Year".

A natural teacher and an entertaining speaker, Susan is a leading educator of dog trainers. Her understanding of how to apply learning principles to practical and competitive dog training has made her a much sought after speaker world wide.

What it all comes down to is this, Susan loves dogs, when a dog comes into her home, it stays for life. Her focus is always to raise family pets who’s main priority are to be amazing life long companions first and talented performance dog a distant second. She shares her life with her husband John Blenkey and their five dogs; DeCaff, Encore, Feature, Swagger and Momentum.

Although the championship wins throughout my career have been nice, for me the real joy comes from taking a dog, who once had challenges and bringing confidence and joy to that dog through agility. That is what I love most about this sport and that is what I know Handling360 can bring to you and your dog.

We Love Being A Part of Your Journey

A Proven & Trusted Online Education

Now in our 5th year of providing dog owners worldwide with an online platform to immerse themselves in positive reinforcement based training. The success and happiness of our students is the yardstick we use to measure our success. Most of our students join our programs and find themselves so much at home, that they return year after year.

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Choose your preferred option below, and I'll see you in Handling360!

* Registration closes at midnight PST Thursday November 10th

The 12 payment plan total is $1428. This is made over 12 equal payments of $119.00 deducted every month. By selecting this option you are committing to make 12 payments.

Remember, we have a 30 day refund period. If during the first 30 days you decide that Handling360 is not what you are looking for right now, we'll happily refund for you. We are confident that Handling360 is a superior online program, now it's up to you to see if it's a good fit for where you are in your agility journey.

Susan and Dogs