Goal:  Add multiple wraps to the PNU to increase the value of the behaviour. This will transfer to facilitate tight turns on jumps regardless of handler motion.


  • PNU (see PNU lecture for options - http://my.handling360.com/topic/fwl01-pnu-lecture/)
  • High value treats / toys

Suggested Training Area Size: Minimum 6' x 6' (2m x 2m)

Step 1: Multiwraps  

The previous video in Flatwork PNU – Steps 1 & 2 value building will create a strong smooth behaviour of wrapping the upright from both sides of your body without cutting across your path. We will grow that session by teaching your dog to multiple wrap the PNU. Using your “stirring the pot” hand motion wrap your dog around the PNU both directions but ask for multiple wraps before rewarding. We are adding arousal at this stage to create enthusiasm for the work. Remember to break off the session with play to keep your dogs arousal UP.

Step 2: Adding Distance

We add a small amount of distance from the PNU now which gives your dog the first opportunity to fail by cutting in front of you. If they do this just start the game again. We want your dog to learn the parameters of always leave your outside leg and go around the PNU and not cut across your path. We want more arousal and a faster behaviour. Utilize your reinforcer and your motion to help create enthusiasm for the work.

Placement of reinforcement is important at this stage. Reward away from you with you powering away from the PNU so your dog chases you toss your reward. Remember to wrap both directions. Observe if your dog has a favourite wrap direction to either the left or to the right. Work both directions till your dog has fluid movement around the PNU in both directions and drives out of the wrap to chase you.

Note: You notice in the next layers Susan has added a cue: na-na-na. Na-na-na is a full 360 around the PNU and multi wrap. At this stage of training you have been working at value building stages with arousal and have added multiple wraps with you close and with your hand as a cue, adding the verbal cue will be easy. Just start by pairing the word as the dog drives away from you to start the wrap around the PNU. This is a continuous cue you will say while the dog keeps working. Both wrap directions have the same cue.

Trouble Shooting

If you are having difficulty make sure you use video to review your mechanics and timing and compare those to Susan's mechanics and timing. Keep your training sessions super short and review the video to plan your next session.

Does your dog struggle with drive? Make sure you use high value rewards for the PNU behaviour.

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