Goal: This lesson teaches your dog to be respectful of the PNU which will teach them to wrap but not knock the uprights or wings when they transfer their understanding to jumps. Select a less stable PNU and add the criteria of “don’t touch the upright” while adding the challenge of arousal. You will note as well Susan has added the cue: na-na- na for the work of continuously wrapping the upright.


  • PNU (see PNU lecture for options - http://my.handling360.com/topic/fwl01-pnu-lecture/)
  • High value treats / toys

Suggested Training Area Size: Minimum 6' x 6' (2m x 2m)

Step 1. Adding Value to a Less Stable PNU  

Using a less stable PNU, start close and add reinforcement for not knocking down the PNU. This will be a new PNU to your dog and you will want to add one or two sessions of value building before going to step 2.

Step 2. Adding Arousal

Add even more arousal to help create a failure which will help teach your dog the parameters of “do not knock over” the PNU. If there is a failure the response cost for knocking over the PNU is a delay in the game and no reinforcement. There is no need to say anything just withhold reinforcement. After you have worked a few failures you will then look to regaining the accuracy with less arousal and work back up to higher levels of arousal and teaching the understanding of “don’t touch the upright.”

Note: Susan’s “search” cue gives Feature permission to leave the work and chase the food.


If your dog is knocking the PNU review your video. Look at your dog’s arousal level and adjust by changing the value of the reward. Try using food instead of a toy. Increase your rate of reinforcement for not touching the PNU. Position your reward so it does not affect your dogs performance around the PNU.

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