Goal:  Once your PNU has value and your wraps have accuracy, you will start adding the element of greater distance from the PNU using your physical and verbal cue.

Equipment:  PNU (see PNU lecture for options - http://my.handling360.com/topic/fwl01-pnu-lecture/) High value treats / toys

Suggested Training Area Size: Minimum 12' x 12' (4m x 4m)

Step 1: In a session choose one of these options for training your PNU with distance. Multiple wraps, one wrap and go, single sends and go. It is important to observe the details of the wrap behaviour your dog is offering you. Be keenly aware if your dog turns wide one way or another depending on what you're doing. It is important to focus on the behaviour your dog is giving you at the very moment of the wrap before you leave or reward. If your wrap is wide it is not prudent to “leave” as that would be reinforcing to the dog. You may have to do more multiple wraps. This stage teaches the accuracy of the wrap under higher rates of arousal which will be the accuracy of the behaviour we want to see when trialling the dog on course.


Dogs that turn wide on PNUs are often flanking elsewhere in life (herding, dog diving, heading other dogs). These are incompatible behaviours with tight turns and should be addressed in everyday life as well. Be a student of your dog’s behaviour study the other 23 hours in your day other than your training hours. Recognizing and altering your dogs behaviour in these other areas will help in you agility training.

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