Verbal Fun & Neuroplasticity:  Text Instruction

Goal: Combining Games!  For 45 seconds YOU will perform a physical activity while verbalizing your agility cues AND at the same time will be cueing your dog to change physical positions just like in verbal fun!

Equipment: Fitness equipment, Rebounder or a treadmill or a skipping rope.

Suggested Training Area Size: 15‘ x 15’ (5m x 5m)

Step 1: Choose a physical activity (skipping/sprint work on treadmill/elliptical/stepper etc). You want to alternate 10 seconds of activity and 5 seconds of a recovery pace for 4 rotations. Practice “using your words” being certain to vary your “tone” “Jump, jump . . .c-o-m-e . . . jump, wit-wit-wit, lalalala” etc.

Step 2: Choose a series behaviours. Get your dog responding to known verbal cues.

Step 3: Once you have practiced Step 1 and Step 2 put the TWO exercises together. Cueing your dog with their verbal fun behaviours while you actively work yourself (skipping/hopping/running) for a full 45 seconds. HAVE FUN!


You may need to break this down for yourself into 20 second intervals and work up to a full 45 seconds. If you need to break it down and work one piece at a time that is all part of your learning process and completely acceptable to getting to the point where you can do all these things together!

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