Neuroplasticity: Text Instruction

Goal: One of the challenges for people coming into this style of handling is the ability to comfortably use their verbal cues. We need to help create new neural pathways by creating new and similar challenges for you. Our Neuroplasticity games will help you prepare to multitask running, twisting and turning all while you are giving your dog timely verbal cues.

Equipment: 2 or 3 tennis balls. Timer

Suggested Training Area Size: 12’ x 12’ (4m x 4m)

Step 1: Set a timer for between 30 seconds. Start juggling 2 or 3 balls while telling a story. You are asking your brain to comfortably talk while you perform a physical skill requiring unique movements.

Step 2: Work up to longer time between 30-45 seconds. If you are working with two balls experiment with three.

Troubleshooting: Need to learn how to juggle? YouTube has some excellent tutorials.

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