Mo Wit-Wit: Text Instruction

Goal: This game teaches your dog to have equal value for you as equipment. By using your dogs greatest reinforcer in life to teach this lesson. Choose your dog’s dinner dish or a favourite toy!

Equipment: Toy, food bowl, food.

Suggested Training Area Size: 10' x 10' (3m x 3m)

Step 1:  Start this training by driving your dog to a dinner dish with a cookie in it, cue “get it”. Let your dog find the value in driving to this bowl (a favourite toy may be used as well). Then drive him back to his kennel to restart the game. The dog now has value for the item set out in front of them. If your dog prefers a toy you may do this same step with a toy.

Step 2: Release your dog from the kennel but utilize a “wit wit” cue to have him turn off the food bowl or toy. If your dog chooses correctly to follow you and your verbal cue you will turn toward the food/toy and drive the dog to it as the reward. Keep balance by remembering to drive the dog to the food bowl/toy often with a “get it” cue. We want the dog enthusiastically making the choice to come with you off the distraction. While listening to your words. “Let your dog’s responses dictate your training!” It is ok if they make a mistake it will help you decide your next sessions training. Adding distance from the distraction or maybe more layers of “wit wit”. You can add complexity with layers of success by moving the food bowl/toy closer or running straight at the bowl! Work both sides! Celebrate and have FUN with this game.


If your dog repeatedly goes to the distraction (food bowl/toy) take a step back and revisit “wit-wit” without distractions and evaluate your dog’s understanding of the cue. You can also add distance to the distraction or lesson the value of the distraction. Remember to work back up to the levels above to maximize your dog’s understanding.

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