Goal: In this lesson you are testing your cue “wit~wit” by your crate. Your crate through all the games we play has value. Your “wit~wit” through training should have value. We will test in this training session.

Equipment:  Treats and a toy for building arousal. Soft sided crate. PNU or traffic cone.

Suggested Training Area Size: 18' x 18' (6m x 6m)

Step 1: Set your crate up and start the session by driving the dog to the crate a few times (from about 6-12’ way). Use a distance that maintains enthusiasm and drive with this stage. Use your “get in the kennel” verbal cue to send to the kennel.

Step 2: Then try a wit-wit-wit by the crate. The picture should look the same for the dog as if you were going to send him to the kennel. You are testing your verbal cue. i.e. dog in a direct line to the crate (about 6-12’ away), wrap your PNU and head past your kennel. Utilize your ‘wit-wit’ cue, verbal and physical past the crate. Your dog should bypass the crate and go to Reinforcement Zone. Reward. You are running past the exact area and you have just sent him into the crate so your dog will have a choice to make. Resist the urge to help him. If the dog chooses the crate reach in and bring out of the crate with a cue.

Step 3: When your dog is having success driving right by the crate, mix things up by sometimes driving your dog to the crate and sometimes “wit-wit” by the crate and sometimes be LATE with your cue! What choice do they make.



If the dog is continuing to choose the crate, set your kennel up so that the distraction is less and work through more layers of understanding of Wit-Wit on the flat. Move the dog laterally a little bit so the crate is less of a distraction. Bring the two together again and try another session.

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